Paysages pour des insectes

Paysage 1
Digital archival photo print on acid-free archival paper 

Originally developed in 2015 as a photo series resulting from travels throughout the state of Florida, and the resulting awareness of the importance of insect population in this state, Paysages pour des insectes (Landscapes for insects) is an ode to Arthropoda of the Animal Kingdom, and serves as a metaphor for the evolution of South Florida urbes and culture.

Paysages pour des insectes is currently in transmutation.
Much like arthropods that need to moult when they outgrow their current exoskeleton, Paysages pour des insectes must molt its outgrown exoskeleton, to take its new shape, which involves three-dimensional embroidery interventions using local materials precious metals and lapidary work. 

Viewable images are from the original series. New works available August 15th. Sign up for newsletter to receive updates on this and other new works.