7 SEAS MOTEL, Miami, FL.
DEC 01-04, 2022.


Grounded is an ongoing multilineal project exploring somatic, psychological & cultural aspects of internet viral memes, specifically photo & video participatory fads, which require the physical presence of the participating humans in the image itself.

Shoe on Head
is part of the Grounded project, and is an ongoing series of hand embroidered interventions on vellum paper. These works explore notions of nonhuman objects interacting with humans. Here the objects - shoes - are sexualized and gamified in a participatory online forum (which can be seen as an early precursor to OnlyFans), which demands specific interactions with the object. In this case, video chat users demand the shoe to be put on the sex workers head in the chat box. This occurs in exchange for money. As the participatory meme evolves, the viewer can observe evolution in meaning and use, witnessing the loss of original meaning via gamification, until the meme reaches the general population.
Within the context of Feria Clandestina, Shoe on Head is relevant, as it hints at the 7 Seas Motel and Biscayne Boulevard’s long history with regard to sex workers.

This series consists of 12 hand-embroidered pieces on vellum paper and meant to be witnessed on both front and back side. This series integrates two new interests:
- An interest in transparencies and transparencies can be seen as a parallel to human behavioral complexity.
- An interest in memes as a cultural element that has become a part of the cultural zeitgeist, but also one that has an affect on human psychology and self-identity.

Three works from one of the research lines of this series, Shoe on Head, will be exhibited during Feria Clandestina. All works are available for purchase, and can also be comissioned as either scaled down or scaled up pieces.

Feria Clandestina is a four-day art fair hosting artists, galleries, and independent projects from Miami, Amsterdam, Mexico City, and Guadalajara. Come and enjoy live music recordings through the project Lop-Off Sessions by Houndstooth Cottage (Miami) and Buy or Burn by No Es Una Galeria (Mexico City & Amsterdam). Feria Clandestina is a Clandestina initiative that takes place during Art Basel/Miami Art Week at the historic 7 Seas Motel, in the MiMo District of Miami, from December 1 -4, 2022.

Clandestina ︎ is an independent art project founded by curator and art market specialist Nuria Richards in 2019, and has grown to become a source of access for artists, galleries, and independent proposals, to create ecosystems that promote curatorial opportunity and cultural dialogue.

The iconic 7 Seas Hotel ︎ is one of the oldest motels within historic Biscayne Boulevard in the Miami Modern neighborhood, also known as MiMo. The two-story building was set for Donnie Brasco, Dexter, and No Pain No Gain. The Property is undergoing renovation under the stewardship of Sagar Desai and Activate Hospitality and has become an art ally since 2021 as the host of COLLABO 7. 



Put shoe on head damn you!!
24 x 32 in.
Han embroidery, vellum paper

I don’t have shoe
24 x 32 in.
Hand embroidery, vellum paper

Shoe on head, let’s have it
24 x 32 in.
Hand embroidery, vellum paper 

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