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© Atelierlustig. All Rights Reserved.



© Atelierlustig. All rights reserved.
Devise I. Exhibited under previous psudonym, Humanmade
Hand embroidery on paper/ 2013
From Devise.

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité- Liberty, Equality, Fraternity in english- is the French devise or motto. In its initial form the devise included towards the end, the words ou Mort - or death. In later years, this was removed and the devise remained as we all have come to know it. Here, the devise is put into doubt. By not only re-adding the last word, Mort- death in english- but by preceding the entire devise with symbolic words. The symbolic presence the word (peut-etre) - (maybe) in english- questions each moral ideal that it precedes, putting into doubt the effectiveness of the devise as a principle.

Inevitably, it comes to signify the death of the devise itself.

© Atelierlustig. All rights reserved.
© Atelierlustig. All rights reserved.
© Atelierlustig. All rights reserved.