Vanessa Lustig is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in photography and clinical/positive psychology. She has had multiple group and individual exhibitions in Mexico and UK, and is currently undertaking a practice-based MFA at Transart Institute for Creative Research.

Her art practice is currently centered around constructs of culture/identity and humankind’s relationship with nature through immersive experiments that distill the essence of such cultural & psychological perceptions. These works are meant to create spaces and experiences of contemplative viewing, they are explorations in awareness.

With works flowing between psychological, cultural, and natural contexts and situations, she investigaes themes of human identity & culture not as separate from nature, but as part of nature. By highlighting the smaller, subtle movements of natural, cultural, and human worlds, she creates works that capture these delicate yet enduring fragilities by using both delicate & sturdy materials, technologically advanced techniques & craft techniques that result in minimal, delicate, quiet, yet immersive works.