From a mish-mash of cultural identities integrated into what I refer to as a “cultural mutt” , has emerged what I identify in myself to be a unique global cultural identity, one that seeks expression through a variety of forms, mainly the Visual Arts, inextricably linked with my psychological studies.
My projects center around constructs of culture/identity and humankind’s relationship with nature, through immersive experiments that distill the essence of such cultural & psychological perceptions.

My works are meant to be immersive through contemplative viewing, and are made using photography as a base from which to span out into other art forms through a process of development of dialogue between materials & techinques.

Materials range from raw/natural to high tech & luxurious such as: Transluscent natural materials, natural fabrics & fibers, digital media, interactive elements, precious metal threads, semi-precious & precious metals & stones. 
Techniques applied such as: Digital printing on experimental materials, hand-embroidery, gilding, haute couture embroidery, interactive textiles.