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    Vanessa Lustig is a multidisciplinary artist based in South Florida working in photography, fiber/textile interventions on delicate papers, and embedded textiles. She is educated in communications theory, photography, and clinical & positive psychology. She has had multiple group and individual exhibitions in Mexico and UK. She has obtained an MFA at Transart Institute for Creative Research/Liverpool John Moores University,  and is an artist-in-residence at The Deering Estate where her project, New Natures, is being developed.

Her practice currently explores changes in human, more-than-human, and cultural landscapes as spaces where processes of subconscious/intuitive exploration and active cultivation of awareness/introspection can result in collaborative posthuman experiences: transnotated intuitions, gestures, and affect.

With works flowing between psychological, cultural, and natural contexts and situations, she investigates themes of posthuman identity & culture by highlighting the smaller, subtle movements of natural, cultural, and human worlds, co-creating works together with other-than-human entities that capture these delicate yet enduring fragilities by using both delicate & sturdy materials, technologically advanced techniques & craft techniques that result in minimal, delicate, quiet, yet powerful, impactful and immersive works.