Artistic Wellbeing Initiative

The Artistic Wellbeing Initiative is an artist/psychologist-led initiative founded by @atelierlustig in 2020 under the name Artistic Creativity Initiative. The initial goal of this initiative was to explore artistic creativity and tools that aid artists to be more productive in their practices.

This project is now morphing into it’s current interest: the exploration of what psychological wellbeing is for the artistic community. The current goals of the AWI are twofold:

Firstly, to conduct research in the following areas:
- Artistic creativity within the framework of positive psychology.
- Psychological tools and methodologies which may aid in artistic processes & lifestyles.

And secondly:
- Offer psychological accompaniment & creativity coaching services to artists, so that they may flourish in all aspects of their artistic practice & lives.

You can follow the progression of this new project here: ︎