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The AWI is an artist + psychologist-led initiative founded by Vanessa Lustig in 2020, initially under the name Artistic Creativity Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to conduct research on artistic practice, identify elements of creative well-being, and integrate the resulting data into psychological tools and accompaniment that aid artists to be more creative and productive in their practices.

A psychological study was carried out via a global pilot program with musicians, visual artists, writers, curators, and other art workers in 2020 and was successful in identifying the following:

1) Well-being for artists may be conceptualized differently than for laypersons.
2) Artists often feel misunderstood by psychologists and feel that therapy may not be the right tool to address their needs in the context of their artistic practice. 
3) Artists feel there should be specific psychological tools that can increase well-being specifically in artistic populations.
4) Science-based psychological tools have been identified and applied to artistic populations, and have proven to be effective across a wide range of artistic practices within a 3-month period.
5) Program results include diminished anxiety, depression, and learned helplessness, and increases in productive studio time, flow, and creative production, as well as positive development of time management and organizational skills.

Today, AWI provides creative wellbeing tools as well as private, one-on-one wellbeing accompaniment specifically tailored to the needs of individuals who need support in their artistic practice. Consistent well-being accompaniment may result in an increase in creative well-being, and increased efficiency in an individual’s artistic practice. 

AWI tools and accompaniment are right for you if:
- Your time is your most prized possession, but you struggle with time management.
- You want to cultivate more “flow” in your artistic practice.
- You find yourself easily slipping into a state of overwhelm that hinders your creative progress.
- You find yourself feeling exhausted and wonder if you can optimize your processes but don’t know exactly where to begin.
- You often find yourself in a cycle of procrastination.
- You want to take on a new idea but are unsure how to go about it.
- You find your artistic practice to be an emotional rollercoaster and feel like you need better tools to handle its weight.
- You have an upcoming deadline and feel you may not be able to meet it.
- You would like greater mental and emotional well-being in your artistic practice.
- You are not looking for therapy but accompaniment to generate sustainable well-being and results in your artistic practice. 

Increase your mental/emotional/creative well-being in your artistic practice.


Click HERE to pose any questions you may have. 

Accompaniment is provided via three, six, nine, and twelve-month schedules, depending on your needs and goals.
In-person sessions are possible and can be carried out in your studio. This is currently available for South Florida residents. Contact me for possible availability at locations outside of South Florida.

Payment plans are available. Accompaniment is not therapy, therefore this will not be covered by your health insurance. Apologies ︎. All sessions are pre-paid and conducted on a weekly basis, with a duration of 40 minutes each session, online via Zoom.

PLEASE NOTE: New client sign-up for one-on-one artist wellbeing accompaniment will be open once again on March 1st, 2024. 


[Digital tools coming in March 2023 and will be available for purchase and download here.]

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