- developing a dialogue
between nature and human footprint

My art practice is both personal and universal, investigating themes of human identity in a proposed united hybrid realm of "technology + natural existence", an experience of this hybrid life/existence, a hybrid cultural existence, and acheived through a delicate balance of techniques, ranging from images printed on the finest shoji paper, to hand embroidery interventions on fine papers and textiles, to very fine hand embroidery on paper, to newer projects taking on large scale interventions and installations. Currently, my main aim is to take this proposed "hybrid existence", and expand it into a real, possible human experience, creating works that are seemingly ephemeral, an experience of hybrid worlds as if through a fluid state of reality/trance. 
In this respect, the way in which my works are shown is important: all aspects of the works must be viewable- the work is naked, unadorned, “unframed”- and in existing as such, becomes an fully immersive experience that coexists with the viewer, in turn creating a new ecology where human footprint is affected and modified.

My current practice focuses on the representation of our human footprint, in relation to the natural world we are surrounded by and taught to be separate from. Resulting works explore the subtleties of emotions that go un-noticed in the "action" of our human footprint: silence, pauses, and the delicate beginnings of emotional reactions to the world we have built around ourselves as human beings. Forcibly separated from the nature we are inextricably part of for so long, the time has come to allow ourselves to be "reabsorbed" into Nature itself, and in doing so, somehow retain our human essence.

The objective of my current works is to translate the experience of our human footprint, reproducing it in interventions and installations, using simple age-old techniques & materials (such as embroidery, gilding, washi, silk) joined with other complex contemporary techniques & materials (such as haute couture embroidery, digital manipulations, electronics) to create interventions using delicate yet resilient materials (such as shoji papers & habotai silks).
These carefully selected materials and techniques used are not arbitrary, they a direct connection to each project. They delicately interact with each other, creating a parallel dialogue between each other in order to express the polarity of I/Other and other constructs of culture.

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