- developing a dialogue
between nature and human footprint

My work flows between psychological, cultural, and natural contexts and situations, investigating themes of human identity & culture not as separate from nature, but as part of nature.

Focusing on the representation of the human footprint concerning the natural world we are surrounded by and taught to be separate from, my resulting works explore the subtleties of emotions, intuition and non-verbal experiences that are too often overlooked in the actions of our everyday human footprints: silence, pauses, delicate beginnings of introspection, sparks of awareness.

These are my "new landscapes"- the reintegration these alienated aspects of what is human and what is culture, back into a natural context from which they originate, where separation from Nature is no longer necessary.

This persistent eco-psycho-cultural influence in my works holds a parallel to a lifetime of complete world-immersion that have left me with a permanent awareness of evolving natural & cultural landscapes and the ongoing human struggle to differentiate ourselves, to claim independence from all.

Through my works, I highlight the smaller, subtle movements of natural, cultural, and human worlds, creating works that capture these delicate yet enduring fragilities by using both delicate & sturdy materials, technologically advanced techniques & craft techniques that result in minimal, delicate, quiet, yet immersive works.


New Nature

Digital animation intervention on stock photo.
From New Nature

Currently in research/protoype phase, this project explores notions of natural adaptation to human footprint that results in the creation of “New Natures”. 

This project marks a trasition into three dimensional media, in an attempt to create immersive, responsive art installations using natural local materials and other more ethereal materials such as untreated silks in conjunction with technological components such as motion sensors, to create interior landscapes that explore culture and urban/natural spatial evolution and result in what I am calling New Natures. These immersive landscapes react to human presence in interior spaces and engage individuals on a non-verbal, purely emotional level.

These New Natures are based on psychological studies where findings indicate that the human brain is unable to differentiate between actual nature, and a reproduction of nature. In creating these immersive, non-verbal experiences with these New Natures, I explore the posibilities of “harnessing” the same positive psychological benefits identified in this study, and the audience is invited to explore exactly what that non-verbal, intuitive experience might be.

You can follow the progression of this new project by clicking here and following: ︎



 / 2019- , from Endangered
Project currently in research & pre-production phase, this project explores the relationship between natural elements and endangered species in the Florida penninsula that are affected by human footprint & urban development.